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Illuminated Circle Volumes 1-4

The Illuminated Circle, Joseph Wolf's magnum opus, on the series of 72 angels known as the shem ha-mephoresh, is an occult tour-de-force. It is a romp among the stars, explaining ideas of the Kabbalah and these angels, along with personal experiences and encounters with these astral beings. Also included are rituals and techniques so you can also be a part of the exploration.

The Hall of Nanael

Frater Peramulata Luna et Sol has been working with Joseph Wolf on his research into the Shem ha-Mephoresh. One of the angels asked to have the experiences recorded, and Frater PLeS dutifully did so. The work is short, and has a great message for those who are interested in what happens in these rituals, which are expounded in The Illuminated Circle. Available in Print and Kindle editions.

Angels at your Doorstep

Joseph Wolf's classic introduction into Angels of Elemental nature, this book takes you through the basics of mediumship in summoning and conversing with angels. The rituals are simple but powerful, and the angelic contacts are clear and helpful in a variety of circumstances. Recommended for new students of the occult who'd like to venture into the summoning of angelic beings for insight and conversation. Kindle edition available now.

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Today I decided to just handle everything that’s been backing up, but hasn’t been a top priority. I set up invoicing for the island and began to collect money from everyone to pay for upcoming expenses. I bought socks. I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay that had been collecting dust for months on my “to sell” shelf. I began the process of switching banks for the island, to avoid monthly fees. I vacuumed. Once I write this, I’ll start dealing with the mountain of emails I haven’t responded to.


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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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